What is Optimal Firm?

“The key thing that makes national law firms work is synergy; with the right combination, one and one can make three.” – Steven Kumble, Corinthian Capital

We love this quote because it really sums up what we’re creating with Optimal Firm. It’s a way of restructuring the traditional law firm model to keep it fresh and lean, and use the firm itself to increase profits.

Have you ever wondered about how your law firm could be making more money?  Who hasn’t, right?  Well, we have a plan that can work for your firm and every firm.

If you clicked here to learn more about this prospect, join us for a short video that explains our program.  The program was developed over the course of 40+ years by two legal administrators who have put it to work in every firm they’ve managed. It’s now been copy written and packaged into an instructional video that can be shared with your whole firm.